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Coconut is an important part of the daily Sri Lankan diet and is included in many of the dishes which you eat whilst staying with us at Rosyth.

In addition to the normal coconuts which are green when they are harvested, there is also the king coconut which is orange when taken from the treesĀ and enjoyed as a refreshing drink.

Within the estate we grow both coconuts for cooking and king coconut for drinking surrounds the main house. However, we are not the only people to enjoy coconuts which are also enjoyed by the monkeys who roam the estate. With skill and agility the monkeys will pluck a king coconut, break into the husk and nimbly drink the juice before tossing away the half drunk remains.

In the lower part of the estate we have a few acres of coconut plantation which is overgrown. One of our plans for the future is to rejuvenate this area and become self sufficient for coconuts.