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Escape with confidence

COVID-19 Precautions & Preparations

Our Commitment to you

We are delighted that we are open and welcoming guests back to our home in the hills again.

We realise that for many of you there are some concerns when it comes to staying at the hotel, but rest assured our main objective is to ensure that you can ‘Escape with Confidence’ and with this in mind, we invite you to read all about the preparations and procedures that we have taken.

As owners, we are ultimately responsible for safely operating in this post-COVID 19 environment and on a day to day basis our House Manager and his team have operational responsibility. If the information below, does not answer your questions or concerns, then please do speak to us directly.

Shazra or Jessica at Reservations 0712 641 641 or sales@rosyth.lk

House Manager 0715 641 641 – butler@rosyth.lk

Our Approach

Rosyth Estate House has always been synonymous with exemplary standards of service, housekeeping, and health & safety.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have enhanced our exacting standards to a new level across all aspects of our hotel operations. The standards we have implemented are based on the guidance we have received from SLTDA, the Ministry of Health and best practice from around the world. Due to the constantly changing nature of this guidance and advice, our internal operating practices and protocols will be continuously reviewed and immediately updated. The information detailed below may, therefore, change without notice.

As we are managing a public health issue, we expect the full support and co-operation of all of our stakeholders – our guests and our team. Only through our collective efforts can we successfully combat the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other safe and healthy.

An important part of your safety is eliminating unnecessary paperwork and documents such as food and drinks menus, which are normally passed from guest to guest. For the time being, we have gone electronic with all of these documents. Please download the app for your personalised copy of all our documents.

Rosyth Estate is and will remain private.

To be present on the property, you either need to be a guest, a staff member or a pre-authorised engineering contractor. With only ten rooms and suites, each designed with privacy in mind, and all of which are set on a 64 acres estate, we are ideally suited to allow for more space, naturally.

Our team look forward to welcoming you to our home in the hills. For detailed information on our approach please read on, but we hope you will have appreciated by now that we are committed to providing you with a safe and ultimately relaxing time at our home in the hills. We hope you enjoy the treat.

Farzana and Neil Dobbs



COVID 19 Hotel operating procedures 

  1. After making a reservation

All guests will be contacted in advance to discuss their reservation. We request that guests complete the following in advance of their stay and provide it electronically at least 24 hours prior to arrival. This will speed up the check-in process and reduce close contact.

  • Complete guest registration form. It is very important that we know where you are arriving from and where you are departing to & your mobile phone number
  • Copies of your ID cards or passports
  • Complete client preference enquiry form

On confirmation of your reservation, we request that you download the mobile app, details of which will be emailed to you. Conformation of your reservation can be found here, along with copies of our menus, drinks lists and guest information booklets.

  1. On arrival at the property and check in

We would ask all guests to provide us in advance with their approximate arrival time.

  • Staff will maintain social distancing with guests and drivers & all guests will be welcomed with the traditional Ayubowan greeting (no hand shaking)
  • Guests will be shown to the yoga Sala & will be requested to wash their hands in the adjacent bathrooms.
  • All guest temperatures will be checked. Guest temperature to be below 38C In the unlikely circumstances that a guest fails the temperature check, it will be repeated. An ongoing abnormal temperature may result in you being refused entry to the property and we will, of course, reschedule or refund your reservation.
  • On arrival, staff will wipe down guest luggage and or any other items entering the property with disinfectant (alcohol solution of at least 70%), paying special attention to handles and zips.
  • Our Butlers will check that all preregistration forms have been received, explain the hotel protocols & escort you to the room. Your room key which has been pre-sanitised will be in the room.
  • We would respectfully remind guests of the following:

  • Practise social distancing with other guests and staff
  • Cooperate with our team as they go about the enhanced operating procedures including any temperature checks.
  • Use hand sanitizer when around public areas and before mealtimes
  • Please download the App and use your mobile phone or tablet to view our menus, drinks lists and guest information booklet. The daily dinner menu will be on a chalk board.


  1. Guest checkout

During your stay at Rosyth, guests will not be asked to sign any meal or drinks vouchers, which is our normal practise.  At checkout guests will be emailed with a copy off their check out bill. If required they will be provided with a hard copy of the bill. We respectfully request that all accounts are settled by credit or debit card as we are keen to minimise handling of cash. Credit card machines will be sanitised after every use.

  1. Public Areas

The Rosyth Estate House offers multiple spaces for relaxing and eating. Most spaces are outside and afford the opportunity for open air living. All furniture has been positioned for social distancing.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in public areas and public washrooms.
  • The dining and living room has been set up to maintain social distancing.
  • The hotel Library, for the time being, has been closed. We will reopen this as soon as the protocol permits.
  • Surfaces in public areas will be disinfected every four hours and door handles will be regularly disinfected.
  • We would encourage all guests to use the bathroom facilities in their own rooms rather than the public bathrooms during their stay.


  1. Bedrooms & House Keeping

All rooms will be thoroughly steam cleaned and sanitised prior to guests check in. Rooms, wherever possible will be left vacant for 24 hours between guests.

  • Please don’t forget to wash your hands on returning to your bedroom.
  • All direct touch surfaces in guest bedrooms will be cleaned and sanitised with approved chemical sanitisers.
  • All high touch areas including AC controllers, Switches, Phones and door handles will be thoroughly sanitised.
  • Remote controls for AC units have been covered in polythene so they can be disinfected easily.
  • A turn down service will not be offered at the current time. Please let housekeeping know if you require any service of your room.
  • All books & room information guides have been removed from the rooms. Guest information is available via the mobile App which has been sent to you.


  1. Food Service

Both the indoor and open-air dining rooms allow for good social distancing and have been set up to meet legal requirements. A table will be allocated to guests for exclusive use during their stay. The Butlers will do their best to accommodate guests’ preferences for where they would like to sit.

  • Tables will be wiped down with at 70% alcohol surface sanitiser
  • All table linen will be laundered following each service & only paper napkins will be used until further notice
  • Water will be kept on the table for the guests to pour their own water
  • All other beverages will be poured at the bar/and or away from the table such as beer and soft drinks.
  • Self service for wine pouting will be operated. Red wine placed on the table; white wine placed in a cooler so that the guests can pour themselves.
  • Appetisers and deserts will be plated and served. Main courses will be either placed on the table for the guests self service including rice, string hoppers etc. or the main course will be plated and served.
  • We do not operate buffets at the Rosyth Estate House.
  • All crockery and cutlery will be machine washed and dried.
  • Butlers will maintain high standards of personal hygiene including frequent hand washing and sanitisation whilst servings guests.
  • We regret but room service will not be provided until further notice.


  1. Kitchen

The Rosyth Estate operates their kitchens to the highest standard and all food health and safety measures are followed. We will be reviewing menus and preparation methods to make sure that all new regulatory standards are adhered too. At the same time the following procedures have been included in our daily HACCP measures.

  • All chefs and other support staff will be extremely vigilant about hand hygiene at all times
  • We are thoroughly washing all raw fruits and vegetables on entry to the property and before preparation
  • Chefs will use gloves or tongs when handling ready to eat foods
  • We regularly disinfect all direct food contact surfaces (prep tables, cutting boards, knives, all utensils, pots and pans, etc). after each service.
  • All handles (such as on fridge and cupboard doors) will be disinfected after each service
  • Fridges, both inside and outside, are be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis as directed
  • We will cover and seal all food during storage, temporary storage and transport
  • Kitchen staff will maintain social distancing where possible
  • Members of the public are requested not to enter the kitchen.


  1. Swimming Pool & Plunge Pool

Appropriate chlorine and PH levels (between 7.4 & 7.8) are maintained at all times. Such levels are monitored at least twice daily and recorded in the logbook. Filters in the pool are cleaned and backwashed daily.
In the interests of hygiene pool towels are not being left on sunbeds and will be left in guest bedrooms.
All sunbeds are sanitised by the housekeeping staff at least twice daily and additional freshly laundered pool towels are available on request.  Used towels should be removed from the sunbeds and taken back to the guest’s bedroom.
Guests should use the pool in family groups and no more than 6 guests to be in the pool at any one time. Guest are asked to respect social distancing whilst in the pool area.

  1. Guest Excursions

Walks within the private 64 acres Rosyth Estate are permitted and will be guided by a member of staff. On returning to the property guests are asked to undertake thorough hand washing.
Visits to the team factory are currently suspended.

  1. Chauffer Guides & drivers

In keeping with best practice, we request that drivers do not enter the property past the designated drop off zone, where rest room facilities are available. Driver’s accommodation is not available on property.

  1. Staff Wellness

The health and wellness of our staff is of the highest priority. The team have been trained and are committed to providing the highest levels of safety for our Guests: Members of our team will:

  • Have their temperatures checked by the designated duty manger twice a day and assessed for any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Wear a mask at all times, which are regularly laundered and will follow the handwashing guidelines as displayed in staff areas
  • Disinfect hands after exchanging any objects with guests (credit cards, cash, etc.)

In the unlikely circumstances that a member of the staff feels unwell, a protocol is in place for them to self isolate whilst as an assessment of their health is made.
12th July 2020.