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Estate Walks

Rosyth is a small working estate. Tea is plucked by hand and sold to the nearby tea factory, whilst latex is tapped, treated and sold to a local rubber factory. Coconuts, fruits, spices and other produce are grown on the estate. The Estate contains walking trails & mountain biking routes. Guests are free to explore the estate and join the ladies plucking two leaves and a bud from the tea bushes.

Our Estate Superintendent Subramanium, who has worked on the Estate for nearly 40 years, will be happy to guide you through the Estate and give you an appreciation of rural Sri Lankan life as you wind through Paddy Fields, Jungle and Streams and stumble upon some local villagers on the way.

Guided walks with Subramanium last between one and one and a half hours and take place around 4:30 pm as it gets cooler at the end of the day. Morning walks can also be arranged, but Subramanium is normally not available as he is supervising the estate workers.