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Our Ethos

Our ethos is to run an estate with minimal impact on the environment, whilst ensuring that the families living on the estate have an improved quality of life. It is only a few years ago since the area was connected to the grid for electricity and we are working to improve living and accommodation standards. A proportion of our service charge is used for local community initiatives.

Blessed with excellent growing conditions, coconut, fruits, spices, herbs and other produce are grown on the estate and where ever possible, this produce is used as part of our menus.

Our water is heated with solar energy, and mainly comes from a well within the estate, whereas the gardens are maintained using water from a nearby spring & using rainwater which we harvest. Our waste is composted or burnt and we ask our guests, where possible to take back any plastic that they have brought with them.

The Estate House is surrounded by a flourishing and bio-diverse ecosystem and through green initiatives we hope to work in tandem with our environment in order to sustain and preserve it, so it remains unchanged for guests and locals alike.