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Apart from our commercial crops of Tea and Rubber, we try to utilize the fertile growing conditions for the maximum benefit of our guests, both those in the Estate House and the monkeys who visit us to feast on the produce.

Pepper is grown on vines that wind their way around the shade trees in the tea fields. This fiery spice is an important part of Sri Lankan cuisine. Other spices include beautifully aromatic cloves that grow in abundance around the estate and on the trees around our pool. Our spa and kitchen use our home produced lemongrass and ginger, whilst the gardeners harvest our mangos, papaya, limes and passionfruit for the chefs to use.

Coconut, one of the most important ingredients in Sri Lankan cooking, is abundant on the estate as are King Coconuts, which provide a wonderfully refreshing drink.

We are also blessed with beautiful Jack trees surrounding the Estate House, whose fruit are harvested. When young the baby jack fruit, known as polos, make a delicious curry, with a consistency like a firm fish, today this is a trendy vegan dish throughout the world.