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Rosyth Estate Single Origin Tea is processed at our local factory to make orange pekoe in different grades and fannings . The highest grade is called orange pekoe referred to as OP. Top quality pekoe grades consist mainly of buds. Grading is based on the size of the individual leaves which is separated by special meshes. The size and the wholeness of the leaves will have the greatest influence on the taste, clarity and brewing time of the tea. Our tea is handpicked by our skilled tea ladies using the finger tips. Just two leaves and a bud.

At Rosyth Estate House we only serve the finest grade which include young tea leaves and buds. The tea has a rich forest-like scent with a hint of bitterness and a sweet finish. It is best drunk with no additions. 2 tablespoons of Rosyth Estate tea is brewed for 2 minutes to make 2 cups of perfectly brewed tea. If you prefer your tea a little lighter, we would suggest adding a title water.

Sri Lanka is a unique country of origin because the tropical climate allows for continual, year-round harvesting. The island features striking microclimates ideal for tea production. Tea in Sri Lanka is classified by elevation: low, medium or high grown. Each is distinct, creating remarkable variety for a country which produces almost exclusively black tea. Rosyth Tea is low grown. Pahata Rata “Low Country” are low grown (Sea Level-2,000 ft) Teas grown in the plains and foothills of Sri Lanka produce full bodied, colorful and hearty cups of tea, The leaves are often larger, fuller and more wiry in appearance. The stronger flavour is particularly popular in the Middle Eastern and Russian markets and is sold at some of the highest prices at auction in Colombo.